WeAre1.com/GetPoeticProductions (#WEARE1TV) Is An Entertainment/Media/Music Production Company specializing in digital media as well uniting the entertainment community through the World Wide Web (Revised 1/7/2013 Alive Streaming Internet TV Channel).

1. We want to be able to start an entertainment revolution through one website WeAre1.com in which embodies al the hottest talents from the Regions of the U.S.A from East – New York, West – California, Midwest - DETROIT (villages/ sides of Detroit as well of the suburbs of MI). South - Florida and take a look at worldly trends.

2. Talent Types Are Artists, Singers, rappers, producers, web designers, formatters, graphic designers, models As Long as its positive and able to grow fruitful.

WeAre-1.com Will also have a youtube channel which would be the online storage space for weare-1 videos.

WeAre-1.com will summarize and list and display the most popular youthful and entertaining YouTube channels for streaming on site

The Entertainment Company Will Also Have An Internal Record Label…If not The Entertainment Company Is The Record Company.

We want to be able to provide an online resource of artists, business, entertainers, etc.

We Want to be able to give a more youthful outlook for todays entertainment.